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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bora Ring and Axe Grinding Site, Glass House Mountains, QLD

With the exception of rock art it can seem hard to see evidence of the early history of Aboriginal people in Australia.  However, in the Glass House Mountains region of Queensland there are two interesting sites that are easy to visit if you know where to look.

Turn off to the Bora Ring on Johnston Road

It seems largely unknown that there is a Bora Ring (also known as a Durn) off Johnston Road at Glass House Mountains. There is a sign on the turnoff to the Bora Ring and it is a short drive on a gravel road to a small car parking area right in front of the ring. The Bora Ring is in good condition but today it is crammed in by a forestry road on one side and a pineapple farm on the other.  It is my understanding that Bora Rings consist of a large ring connected to a smaller ring by a track of 100 to 400 meters. There is no sign of the smaller, more sacred ring. Bora Rings were used by Aborigines for gatherings, dancing and ceremonies such as male initiations.

Glass House Mountains Bora Ring

Several Glass House Mountains can be seen from the Bora Ring site.

Mount Tibrogargan

We walked along the gravel track to the Bora Ring and saw Grey Fantails in the forest, small flocks of Red-browed Finches on the road and Red-backed Fairy Wrens in the fields.

Red-browed Finch
Not far away, in Landsborough, there is an axe grinding site at Little Rocky Creek on Old Gympie Road. There is a small car park and a sign with information about the grooves and some Cobb and Co wheel tracks that can be seen in the sandstone beside the creek.

Infomation Sign at Axe Grinding Grooves Site

If you miss the entry to the small car park, you can park in front of the Rocky Creek Scout Campsite which is right next door. It is only a short walk to the creek where you can clearly see the grooves that were formed in the process of making axes.

Grinding Grooves on the Creek Bank

Little Rocky Creek is an attractive place to explore.

Little Rocky Creek, Landsborough

The Rocky Creek Scout Campsite is open to the public for camping and is in a great location for access to the Glass House Mountains region. As an added bonus there is an excellent produce stall across the road.


  1. Interesting location! I am increasingly fascinated by the local Aboriginal history of the area.

    I think there's many beautiful little hidden spots in the state forests around the Glass Houses - I must try explore them more!

  2. It's a beautiful area. Mount Ngungun is my favourite. Fantastic view from the top.