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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Warwick, QLD

On our way to Lake Leslie we visited Warwick. We pulled up at the Womina Railway Siding Revegetation Project on the corner of the Cunningham Highway and Womina-Willowvale Road. This turned out to be a scrap of dry bush on the side of the highway, however, we were excited to see Musk Lorikeets for the first time. They were busy feeding high up in the gum trees making them a challenge to photograph.

Musk Lorikeet
After lunch in Leslie Park we moved to Queens Park and went for a stroll along the Condamine River. There were Galahs, Little Black Cormorants and Wood Ducks on the riverbank.

The Condamine River
Australian Wood Ducks, male and female
Red-rumped Parrots and Little Corellas were nesting in the natural hollows of older trees in Queens Park.

Queens Park, Warwick
Little Corella
Red-rumped Parrot, male
Red-rumped Parrot, female
We drove out of town via Bracker Road and pulled over west of Tooth Street for excellent views over Warwick.

Warwick, QLD

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  1. It's amazing how just a short drive west changes the 'bird scenery' to things like Musk Lorikeets and Red-rumped Parrots!