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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Point Vernon, QLD.

Point Vernon

Point Vernon is one of our favourite places. We like to park in Corser Street (opposite house Number 8) where there is an Osprey nest in a tree.  There are also many trees along the foreshore with nesting holes that attract a large number and variety of birds. This trip we walked south along the waterfront and wetland area towards Eli Creek. Then we walked north via Parraweena Park and returned to the car. This is a great walk because it covers three distinct habitat areas.

Corser Street

Osprey with its catch.

This pair of Rainbow Lorikeets were nesting just above the Osprey nest.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Galah in one of the many nesting holes.

Common Koel, male

Common Koel, female (front)

Common Koel, female (back)

Bearded Dragon
Rain Lilies
View near the parking area.


Tidal flats on the walk south (looking north).

Bar-tailed Godwit

Pacific Golden Plover

Eastern Curlew

Striated Heron

Parraweena Park

There were lots of butterflies in the forested park but we were unable to get a photo of two darker types that wouldn't settle.

Lemon Migrant Catopsilia pomona

White Migrant, female Catosilia pyranthe

Crested Pigeon

Australasian Figbird, male

Australasian Figbird, female

After our walk we drove around the headland stopping at Gatakers Bay before driving along the eastern side of Point Vernon. 

Gatakers Bay

Seaplane taking off from Gatakers Bay

View south from Gatakers Bay

Gatakers Bay Boat Ramp.

Elsa Park, Southern Entrance.

There is an artificial nesting platform between the northern and southern entrance to Elsa Park. An adult osprey and chick were in the nest and another adult was in a tree along the foreshore.

Pandanas Tree Pandanus tectorius and picnic shelter.

Parking area and picnic shelter at southern entrance to Elsa Park.

An adult Osprey on the foreshore.

All the photos in this blog were taken in December 2014.


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  2. Thanks Benjamin. We posted our favourite photo of that lorikeet on our National Park Odyssey facebook page.

  3. What a beautiful spot. I particularly loved the photo of the Rainbow Lorikeets sharing the tree with the Osprey Nest! Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing your adventures in 2015.