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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Queens Park, Ipwich, QLD.

We had a little bit of time to spare in Ipswich so we visited Queens Park. We drove in at Burley Griffen Drive and found that there was plenty of parking even on a beautiful day at Sunday lunchtime. There is a toilet block and several picnic tables a short walk from the car park. We noticed a small zoo called the Nature Centre that looked popular with families but as time was short we opted for a walk through the Japanese landscape style Ipwich Nerima Gardens.

Large numbers of Eastern Water Dragons were sunning themselves in the gardens and several Buff-banded Rails were dashing about the undergrowth.

Turtles and ducks were enjoying the landscaped ponds and waterways.

This female Australian Wood Duck was showing part of the white and green panel that stands out during flight.

A beautiful Pale Triangle butterfly chose an ugly muddy patch to alight on but as they usually fly rapidly it gave me the opportunity to finally take a photo of one.

Pale Triangle Graphium eurypylus


  1. Glad you finally got your triangle shot! Some butterflies get essential minerals from mud, but maybe this one was just drinking?

    I particularly like Denmark Hill Conservation Estate around the corner from here - it's where I took a plant ID book and had my first ever attempt at tree ID. It will always live on in my heart! :)

  2. That's interesting Tristan, it did seem to be drinking but it could well have been getting minerals from the mud as there were plenty of other sources of water available.

    Thanks, we'll keep Denmark Hill Conservation Estate in mind for future forays.