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Monday, February 29, 2016

Raspberry Lookout, Gibraltar Range National Park, NSW.

Raspberry Lookout is on the southern side of the Gwydir Highway; not far from Boundary 
Falls Campground. The access road is a short, narrow, sealed road. There is a small parking area but no room for RV's. As this is in Gibraltar Range National Park there is an $8 vehicle access fee. There is a toilet, a covered picnic table and a viewing area. Geocachers will be delighted to know that there is an excellent geocache located here. Raspberry Lookout is named after the edible native raspberry that is common in the area.

Leaving Gibraltar Range National Park and moving to Washpool National Park.

We had heard Superb Lyrebirds constantly while camping and walking around Boundary Falls Campground but it wasn't until we were leaving that we finally saw any. After rewalking the Lyrebird Falls Walking Track in a final attempt to see any before moving to Washpool National Park we returned to the campground to pack up and there was a pair casually wandering around the campground, typical! 


  1. What fabulous views!! I've never seen a Lyrebird in the wild.

    1. Sorry Liz, I have only just seen your comment. We have been lucky to see quite a few Lyrebirds in the wild and it is always a thrill, especially if they perform a repertoire. I hope you see one sometime soon. I'm sure you will take much better photos than mine above!