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Friday, April 15, 2016

Nimbin, New South Wales.

While we were exploring the Nightcap National Park area we encountered a lot of rain so it came as no surprise that when we visited Nimbin it was, you guessed it, raining.

We parked in the large carpark behind the shops and walked round to the information centre where a helpful lady assured me that it hadn't rained much in Nimbin lately and explained how unfortunate it was that the Nimbin area had missed out on a wet season this year. After appropriate commiserations I made my way to the excellent Nimbin Bakery and bought a feather light chocolate sponge roll and a lemon tart. Strangely, there were no biscuits in sight (perhaps they got sick of the cookie jokes.)

On our way back to The Channon Village Campground, we drove past the spot which usually has excellent views of the intriguing Nimbin Rocks but they were obscured by clouds and mist and, dear I say it, rain! The Nimbin Rocks are sacred to aboriginal people and are on private property so please don't attempt to get closer unless you have an invitation.

Some of the things that I love about the Nimbin region are the local Grasshoppers buses and the "hippy potholes".

Shortly after settling back in at the campground with a nice coffee and the tangy lemon tart the only other campers returned from their trip to Nimbin and came over to tell us about their stressful experience. We had noticed that the police were patrolling the car park in Nimbin but didn't think too much of it. However, they were apparently running regos and this is where our fellow campers came unstuck. The story as related to us by a very shaken grey nomad was this: The police approached them and asked if the driver was so and so, to which he agreed. Then he was promptly informed that he was driving without a licence and instructed to step out of the campervan and sign a form that he would undertake not to drive. The shocked grey nomad protested that he hadn't had a traffic infringement for over 10 years. So what was going on? Well it turned out that this otherwise law abiding citizen had committed the deadly sin of not voting in the last New South Wales local election and as a result and unbeknown to him, his driving license had been suspended for some time. The moral of the story is; if you live a travelling lifestyle please ensure that someone is checking your mail!

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