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Monday, May 16, 2016

Dalrymple Circuit, Goomburra Section, Main Range National Park, QLD.

Dalrymple Circuit, Class 3, 1.2 km circuit.

The Dalrymple Circuit is a great short walk that we love to do when camping at Manna Gum campground. Previously we have seen a Southern Angled-headed Dragon on the walk but we didn't see one this time. However, they are still there because someone asked me to identify a photo they had taken in the Dalrymple Circuit and I was happy to see that it was a juvenile Angle-headed Dragon. The same people got excellent photos of Green Catbirds there as well. I admit to being jealous of their close encounter with Catbirds because I have always found them quite a challenge to photograph.

Signage on the Dalrymple Circuit
The Dalrymple Circuit is the domain of a very healthy looking male Satin Bowerbird. After a short search we found his bower as well.

Red-necked Pademelons are common here but we have found them to be much shyer than the ones in Lamington National Park.

In the early morning we saw this spider, which had attached itself to a stick in the water, "fishing" for prey.

Bird List for the Dalrymple Circuit on this trip: White-headed Pigeon, Brown Cuckoo Dove, Wonga Pigeon, Crimson Rosella, Superb fairy-wren, White-browed Scrubwren, Yellow-throated Scrubwren, Weebill, Bell Miner, Noisy Miner, Lewin's Honeyeater, Eastern Whipbird, Eastern Yellow Robin, Jacky Winter, Golden Whistler, Australasian Figbird, Satin Bowerbird (female, male and bower), Red-browed Finch.  We did not see any Green Catbirds here but some other campers got good views and photos of Green Catbirds showing nicely down low and out in the open.

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