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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Jaysee Park, Mundubbera (The Black Stump), QLD.

This rest area is listed as Mundubbera Jaysee Park on Wiki Camps and as Black Stump Rest Area in my Camps 7. I can understand why people refer to it as The Black Stump. 

This is just a rest area on the side of a busy road but it's worth stopping by to see the Bimble Box Tree, commonly known as a Knobby Tree for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, the one here is in poor condition. We did see a much healthier specimen growing on the side of the road but it was not worth the risk of pulling up with a van on the back to have a closer look. Keep an eye out for it on the way to Gayndah, about 4.5 km from this park on the left hand side. 

Bimble Box Tree / Knobby Tree / Poplar Box Eucalyptus populnea
Artwork at the entrance to Jaysee Park

Details for Jaycee Park, Mundubbera:
Where: On the Burnett Highway about 2.5 km north-east of Mundubbera.
Camping: 20 hour rest area.
Facilities: Toilets, pets, water, picnic tables, phone, TV and WiFi reception, information signs, play ground,views. No longer has showers.
Of interest: The Bimble Box Tree.
Cautions: $5,500 fine for staying longer than 20 hours in every four week period.
Nearby National Park: Auburn River National Park, 41 km.

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