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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Crows Nest Falls Campground, Crows Nest National Park, QLD.

We drove to Crows Nest Falls Campground from The Woolshed at Jondaryan. The campground sites are quite heavily shaded which would normally be no problem for us but when we arrived we discovered that we had a problem with our solar storage so we decided not to camp here and moved on to the next place on our itinerary. We have camped at Crows Nest National Park several times and I have written blogs about it here. There didn't seem to be many changes except that there are now shower bags in the shower cubicles. Unfortunately, the shower bags seem to get stolen from time to time so it is hit and miss as to whether they will be there at any given time. 

The photo below shows sites 11 and 10 with the amenities block in the background.

One interesting feature at the campground is that although most sites can be booked online, there are a few sites available for self-register on arrival (except peak times such as school holidays). We have always received Telstra phone reception at the campground so, at quiet times, we have had no problem booking a site on arrival. The campground was deserted when we were there this time.

Registration booth at Crows Nest National Park.
Details for Crows Nest Falls Campground, Crows Nest National Park, QLD:
Where: Off Three Mile Road, Crows NestAbout 160 km, 2 hours, north-west of Brisbane. Sealed roads until a short entrance track.
Fees and Booking: Standard Queensland National Park Fees: $6.15 per adult per night. Some sites are only available online. A few sites are available for self-registration but not during peak times.
Facilities: 13 individual sites, pit toilets, donkey (boil your own) shower, fire rings (BYO wood), non-drinking water, walks, we had Telstra phone reception.
Prohibitions: No generators, no pets. Don't collect wood from the national park.
Caution: The campground is listed as suitable for all rig types but be aware that there are swales (humps) on the entry road that may scrape a low slung vehicle.
Of interest: Scenery, Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies.

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