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Friday, July 28, 2017

Baloon Cave, Micky Creek Gorge and Warrumbah Gorge Walks, Carnarvon National Park, QLD.

Baloon Cave:
From the Baloon Cave Car Park: Class 2, 1 km return walk. The formed path is suitable for strollers and may be suitable for wheelchairs with assistance. Evidence of stone axe making and stencil art can be seen at Baloon Cave.

Close up of Baloon Cave 

Stencil art at Baloon Cave.

Swamp Wallaby, Baloon Cave Walk.

Micky Creek Gorge and Warrumbah Gorge Walk:
Class 3 Walk. From the Micky Creek Car Park 3 km return plus an additional 400 m return to the end of the formed path into Warrumbah Gorge. The walks can be extended by exploring past the formed walks at Micky Creek and Warrumbah Gorge.

Mickey Creek
The branch to Warrumbah Gorge
Looking up in Warrumbah Gorge.


  1. Stunning location! We went there after a large rain, so we couldn't go on any walks the first day due to our campsite being flooded in. It's nice to see such clear water there!

  2. It's a special place that's for sure. We were lucky as it only rained lightly during the night and during one morning while we were there. The water was very beautiful and clear.