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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Agnes Water, Queensland.

Agnes Water Main Beach.
Agnes Water Main Beach:
Agnes Water Main Beach is accessed from the parking area off Agnes Street in Tom Jeffery Memorial Park Road. There are good facilities here and the beach is patrolled. Signs warn that swimming is not advised from November to April due to marine stingers. Times vary so check the Surf Lifesaving advisory boards before entering the water. Agnes Water Beach Holidays Caravan Park is conveniently located next to Tom Jeffery Park on Jeffery Court and has cabin frontage to the beach.

Agnes Water Information Centre
Located on Springs Road next to the Library and Museum. The staff were very helpful and we picked up some brochures for the local area. You can also book tours from here for a boat trip to Lady Musgrave Island or a trip on the highly acclaimed "Larc" to Bustard Bay.

Discovery Trail
This walking trail can be accessed from the large car park behind the Information Centre and Museum on Springs Road. The trail can also be accessed from the park next to Workman's Camp Ground. Although the trail is signposted there doesn't appear to be an actual map and I haven't been able to find any details for how long the walk is. Perhaps that's why it's called the Discovery Trail. Regardless it is an enjoyable walk of about 40 minutes. Side by side, there is both a natural lookout and a man-made lookout with scenic views.

Man-made Lookout
Natural Lookout
View from the lookout to the north: Agnes Beach.

View from the lookout to the south: Workman's Beach

We saw quite a few Bordered Rustic Butterflies and Joseph's Coat Moths along the trail.

Joseph's Coat Moth

The reptilian world was represented by Lace Monitors, an Eastern Striped Skink and several Rainbow Skinks.

Rainbow Skink

Paperbark Forest Board Walk:
This interesting 400 m walk can be found in Reedy Creek Reserve, Springs Road. Dogs are prohibited. As the trail passes through a paperbark swamp it is essential to spray yourself for mosquitoes and/or wear protective clothing. Don't be deterred though as this is quite a fascinating walk into an environment that is usually hard to access. Two sections of the trail involve walking across water via concrete filled pipes.

Trailhead for the Paperbark  Forest Board Walk.

Where only the brave shall venture.

Red Rock Trail:
The entry to the Red Rock Trail and Springs Beach is opposite the entry to Reedy Creek Reserve. The 800 m road into the car park is unsealed and quite rough. The trail is 3 km one way and has a time guideline of 2.5 hrs. There is a convenient map of the trail at the start of the beach access down to Springs Beach.

Springs Beach

We walked south along the beach to the trailhead for the Red Rock Trail. We saw several Whiptail Wallabies grazing on the edge of the beach. Sea turtles lay their eggs at Springs Beach.

Whiptail (Pretty Face) Wallaby.

At the trailhead there are signs stating this is a Turtle Conservation Area and prohibiting dogs. We climbed up a few stone steps to the headland where views to the south opened up. It was drizzling when we started the walk but we hoped any rain would be light and pushed on for a while. 

Pandanus along the headland.
Rain setting in.

Unfortunately, persistent rain set in and we were unable to complete the walk. We were happy to briefly see an Olive-backed Sunbird alongside Springs Beach as we returned to the car.

Wildlife we saw in Agnes Water:
Butterflies & Moths: Bordered Rustic, Evening Brown, Common Crow, Joseph's Coat Moth.
Reptiles: Rainbow Skink, Wall Skink, Eastern Strip Skink, Lace Monitor, Sand Goanna.
Macropods: Whiptail Wallaby.

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