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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Archer Camping Area, D'Aguilar National Park, QLD.

Archer Camping Area, in the northern end of D'Aguilar National Park, is a grassy, tent only, campground less than two hours drive north of Brisbane.

Archer Camping Area

Each campsite has a numbered car park and a fire ring.

Laughing Kookaburra in Archer Camping Area.

The campground is near Neurum Creek and has access to the water. Swimming here is popular with families.

Neurum Creek at Archer Camping Area.

As well as a few turtles, we saw a particularly light coloured Yellow-faced Whip Snake going for a swim when there was nobody else around. 

Yellow-faced Whip Snake.

Take extra care to secure your food and rubbish as Lace Monitors and Brush Turkeys were constantly foraging in the campground. 

Lace Monitor

Red-necked pademelons are found around the campground; especially early morning and during the evening.

Red-necked Pademelon

A pair of Tawny Frogmouths were easily visible during the day. Olive-backed Orioles and Kookaburras also frequent the campground.

A pair of Tawny Frogmouths.
Olive-backed Oriole

On our January visit, there were a huge variety of butterflies about. We saw Monarchs, Meadow Argus, Yellow Albatross, Orchard Swallowtails, Clearwing Swallowtails, Small Grass-yellows, Blue Triangles, Blue Tigers, Varied Eggfly, Leafwings, White-banded Planes and Common Crows; as well as a few Skippers, Blues and Yellows that we were not quick enough to ID. Orange-spotted and Heliotrope Moths were also present.
Leafwing. Closed and open.

At the causeway between the campground and Broadwater Day Use Area, Yellow Albatross and Blue Triangles were puddling. There were a large number of White-banded Planes, also known as Common Planes, flying about the campground in their distinctive gliding patterns.
Yellow Albatross puddling and a White-banded Plane.

The shells of Razor Grinder Cicadas were a common site and around dusk the waves of sound created by these aptly named cicadas was excruciatingly loud.

Razor Grinder Cicada

Details for Archer Camping Area, D'Aguilar National Park:

Where: Just north of Woodford, take Neurum Road, turn left into Stanton Road, right into Rasmussen Road and continue past Neurum Creek Bush Retreat. The campground is signposted shortly after entering D'Aguilar National Park. Or enter the national park by Sellin Road and drive north via 4WD road to the campground.
Access: 2WD if entering via Rasmussen Road. Very low clearance might be a problem closer to the campground.
Camp sites: Tent camping only. Open grassy area with 9 numbered sites. Maximum 6 people per site and only 1 car per site. Bollards between vehicle and tent. Near Neurum Creek.
Booking and Fees: Normal National Parks QLD fees. $6.30 per adult. Online and phone booking only. No phone reception at the campground.
Facilities: Individual car parks, fire pits BYO wood, flush toilets, limited tank water. 1 shower cubicle without plumbing; BYO shower and water. No bins. No phone reception at campground. We had Telstra reception at the Gantry picnic area and on a small section of the 4WD road south of the campground.
Prohibited: pets, generators, collecting wood.

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