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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Girraween National Park, QLD: Walking in the Rain.

The rain brings out the colours of this rock at Underground Creek
We deliberately came to Girraween National Park to wait out some widespread wet weather. Both campgrounds have hot showers and flush toilets; an appreciated bit of luxury on wet days when tent camping.

As we have done all the walks in Girraween National Park in fine weather we decided to redo some of our favourites in the rain. Naturally, this affects our photos as grey sky's are a bit gloomy and we missed some photo opportunities when we had to pack our camera gear away to keep it dry.

The Junction Walk: Class 3, 3.7 km return from the Bald Rock Creek Camping Area, 5.2 km return from the Bald Rock Creek Day Use Area. We combined the walk with the Bald Rock Creek Circuit, Class 3, 2 km and the Granite Arch Circuit, Class 3, 1.6 km. (The Combined Bald Rock Circuit and the Granite Arch Circuit is Class 3, 2.7 km.) By combining the three walks we probably walked a bit under 6 km.

Yellow-tufted Honeyeater
Joseph Coat Moth
Flowering Sundew
The sun came out and a few minutes later it bucketed down. We didn't wear jackets because it was too hot but our gear is mostly quick dry. We always carry dry bags to quickly protect our cameras though.

The Junction Walk
Eastern Water Skink

Dr Roberts Waterhole: Class 2, 1.2 km return.

Dr Roberts Waterhole

Underground Creek: Class 2 and 3, 2.8 km.

Underground Creek

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