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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cunningham Highway, Main Range National Park, QLD.

Picnic area on the Cunningham Highway.
We often stop at rest area on the western end of Cunningham's Gap. We haven't been able to find out the name of this rest area so we refer to it as Bellbird Park. When driving south, the turn into the rest area is immediately after the end of a passing bay and is a sharp narrow entry. We feel it is quite a dangerous turnoff so we only decide to go in if there are no vehicles immediately behind us. I wouldn't recommend the access at any time for a caravan. 

Even the national park map doesn't name the rest area.
We love the rest area because it is such a beautiful green space alive with the ping ping call of bellbirds.

Bell Minor (Bellbird)
Other birds we typically see there are Satin Bowerbirds and Eastern Yellow Robins. This trip the Bowerbirds were looking very scruffy.

Satin Bowerbird
Satin Bowerbird
The Box Forest Walking Track runs between here and the Crest Car Park further to the east along Cunningham Highway. It is a pleasant green rainforest walk; 5 km return. On this trip, we just crossed the pretty creek near the rest area and came back again. Later we noticed that on that short walk a leech managed to hitch a ride.

The Box Forest Walk
Fungi on the Box Forest Walk
The rest area has two areas. There is a toilet block and an undercover picnic shelter in the second area.

Second car park area with toilets and information shelter.
Sheltered picnic area.

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