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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ravensbourne National Park and Munro's Tramway, QLD

Ravensbourne National Park is 33 km north of Toowoomba and 33 km east of Esk. There is no camping allowed but there are two excellent Day Use Areas. 

Cedar Block Day-Use Area, Ravensbourne National Park
We have visited Ravensbourne National Park twice; once in April 2012 and recently in early October. We camp at Crows Nest National Park, 32 km away and visit from there. We have also seen many caravans and motorhomes overnight for free in Chapman Park behind the Hampton Visitor Information Centre, 15 km west of Ravensbourne National Park. Drop in at the Hampton Information Centre when in the area to gather maps and brochures, as the staff are very helpful. There is a cafe across the road.

Hampton Information Center and Colourful Toilet Block
You can drive right up to Gus Beutel Lookout at Ravensbourne National Park for great views.

Gus Beutel Lookout early in the morning.
Cedar Block Circuit is a 500 m rainforest walk which starts and finishes in Cedar Block Day Use Area.The highlight of the walk for us was spotting three Paradise Riflebirds high up in the tree canopy. We had initially walked past the tree but when I heard the distinctive “Yaass, yaassss” call we crept back and were rewarded with views of two males and one female. We had seen a female before at Bunya Mountains but this was the first time we had seen a male and we were very excited to see two males at once.

We then moved our car to the Blackbean Day Use Area and went on the Rainforest Circuit (1.7 km, Class 3) which we combined with the Palm Creek Circuit (3.6 km, Class 3) before returning to the picnic area for lunch in the shade.The track on the Rainforest Circuit was covered in a thick carpet of Blackbean  pods.

Rainforest Circuit
Blackbean Pod and Seeds Castanospermum australe
Stinging Tree Dendrocnide moroides
Lace Monitor Varanus varius
Lesser Wanderer Danaus chrysippus in Blackbean Day Use Area
In 2012 we did this walk and extended it to the Sandstone Overhang which is an interesting side trip.

Sandstone Overhang at Ravensbourne National Park
Munro's Tramway
From Ravensbourne National Park we drove the back roads to Munro's Tramway, a 3.2 km return walk.This is a mixed Eucalypt and She-oak woodland; good for sightings of Glossy Black Cockatoos. It was very dry and the middle of the day when we did the walk and the birds were not very active but we saw several Yellow-faced Honeyeaters. There are a couple of lookouts and lovely views over Highfields to the south. To return to Crows Nest we drove out past the Perseverance Hall to Hampton-Esk Rd which was a much simpler route.

Park here for Munro's Tramway Walk
Munro's Tramway Walk


  1. Great post - although we have been to Ravensbourne and done the walks many times - we have never done the Munro's Tramway walk!! I will add it to the "to do list". Glad you had a great day out in our beautiful local area.

  2. Thanks Judith. It certainly is a lovely area.