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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Currimundi Lake (Kathleen McArthur) Conservation Park, QLD: Wildflowers and Butterflies.

Late winter through to spring is an especially good time to see wallum wildflowers at Currimundi Lake (Kathleen McArthur) Conservation Park. 

Currimundi Lake Conservation Park in September 2014

Where there are flowers there are butterflies:

Common Crow Euploea core
Varied Eggfly Hypolimnas bolina

Scarlet Jezebel Delias argenthona

Gum Tree Shield Bug Theseus modestus

Wildflowers and Plants:

Some of these we (think) we know the names of. Please feel free to let us know the names of any of these plants if we have it wrong or have not labeled the photo.

Hop Bush Dodonea triquetra

Sweet Wattle Acacia sauveolens

 Flax Lily Dianella caerulea

Fan Flower Scaevola calendulacea

Twinning Guinea Flower (Snake Vine) Hibbertia scandens

Angular Pig Face (Coastal Pigface) Carpobrotus glaucescens

Coastal Banksia Banksia integrifolia

Coastal Wattle Acacia sophorae

Weeping Baeckea Baekea frutescens

Wedding Bush Ricinocarpos pinifolius

Cats Ear Hypochaeris radicata ( environmental weed)

We would really love to know the name of this plant.

As a reward for all the fauna lovers out there for getting through all this flora, above is a photo of a very light grey Bearded Dragon Pogona barbata that was out in the open. 

For walks, birdlife and further information about Currimundi Lake (Kathleen McArthur) Conservation Park please refer to our previous blog:


  1. Lovely entry! I enjoyed all the plants and that Eggfly shot is wonderful! I've always found them to be more skittish than the other crows and nymphs.

    Not sure what any of your mystery plants are, but this time last year I wouldn't have even known what a Forest Hop Bush was, so the fact I recognised that shows my progress! :)

    1. Thanks Christian. We're just a bit annoyed with ourselves because we learnt a lot about wallum plants a few years ago but when we went to write this blog we realised that we have forgotten quite a bit.