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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Springbrook National Park, QLD. Revisit in April 2015, Day 1.

This is the third time we have camped at the Settlement Campground in Springbrook National Park. For more details on the campground and how to get there please read our previous blogs, starting here: Springbrook National Park: Part 1. 

This trip we were keen to return and check out the reopened Purling Brook Falls Circuit complete with a new suspension bridge.

New suspension bridge at the base of Purling Brook Falls

We arrived in the afternoon and quickly set up camp on our favourite site, number 6, so that we could do a quick recon of the falls before it got dark. 

Site 6 at The Settlement Campground

Camp Kitchen at Settlement Campground

It is a pleasant 330m walk from the campground to the Purling Brook Falls Lookout. There is plenty to see even on this short walk.

Walk from the campground to the Purling Brook Falls Lookout

The top of Purling Brook Falls from the lookout.

Looking down to the new suspension bridge from the lookout.

This Meadow Argus Junonia villida has had a hard life.

There were a few small skinks sunning themselves on the steps at the lookout.
Golden Whistlers, female (L) and male (R).

All photos taken in April 2015


  1. I love that place, I have a really special memory of me and my Dad walking that track when I was a kid. Might give camping there a shot myself!

    I think the skink is a Dark Bar-sided Skink (Eulamprus martini).

    1. I'm sure you'ed enjoy doing the walk again but it has changed a lot over the years. More about that in our next blog. We love the campground but no fires are allowed and there are no showers. The toilets are pretty good though.
      I would agree about the skinks Christian. I know them as Martin's Skinks (Eulamprus martini). They have a chequered pattern which indicates they are. I almost named them on the blog but pulled back just in case because I'm by no means a skink expert.