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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Springbrook National Park, QLD. Revisit in April 2015: Day 4.

Day 4 was an easy day with a cooked breakfast and time to relax watching the campsite birds before starting a leisurely pack up.

Morning view from our tent, The Settlement Campground.
We had another early morning visit from the local Buff-banded Rail. 

Buff-banded Rail
Variegated Fairy-wrens are a common sight. This one was so small that the Cobblers Pegs (our American friends call them Hitchhikers) look quite large.

Variegated Fairy-wren 
The numbered campsites at The Settlement campground each have an individual car park and a grassed tent area separated by bollards. Sites 1 - 4 are designated for camper trailers and have fewer bollards.The local bird life seems to enjoy observing the campers from the vantage point of the bollards.

Eastern Yellow Robin
Pied Currawong
After packing up we called in at the old Information Centre where there is a short boardwalk through the forest and beautiful views of the Gold Coast. I believe that the new Information Centre is opposite Wunburra Lookout.

Tree stump at the old Information Centre
We drove past Advancetown Lake, which is commonly referred to as Hinze Dam, and stopped at the Western Boat Ramp for a look around. There is a large parking area, picnic tables and toilets. No camping, pets or swimming is allowed. It was quiet when we were there during the week. It looks like a great place to put the kayaks in.

We thoroughly enjoyed our third visit to Springbrook National Park and no doubt we will be back again.


  1. You nabbed some great photos of the rail and fairy-wren, both birds I have found to be fleeting and hard to capture. That wren seems to be a male in eclipse plumage, I guess it would be the time of year for that! Looks like it would have been a lovely camping trip :)

  2. Absolutely lovely series of photos!

    1. Thank you Linda. We like to show people what we see when we go some where and hope that it inspires them.