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Friday, August 7, 2015

Amamoor State Forest, QLD. Amamoor Creek Camping Area.

Amamoor State Forest is about 170 km north of Brisbane. The road in from Amamoor is suitable for 2WD vehicles towing caravans, however, flooded creek crossings can cause the road to be closed after heavy rain. There are two camping areas: The Cedar Grove Camping Area and, further along, the Amamoor Creek Camping Area. Both campgrounds have large grassy areas, fire rings and nonpotable water. The main difference is that dogs are allowed at the Amamoor Creek Camping Area but not at the Cedar Grove Camping Area. Generators are not permitted in either camping area. National Park fees apply and must be payed online before arrival. 

The Gympie Muster is held every year, at the end of August, at the Amamoor Creek Camping Area. The campground is open all year round but bookings for the Muster are made through the Muster website. We camped there in July 2013 and were fascinated to see all the small tents that people had erected, many weeks in advance, to stake their claims near the Muster stage.There are several overflow camping areas that are used during the Muster.

All staked out for the Gympie Muster.
Facilities at Amamoor Creek Camping Area.
Overflow camping areas for the Gympie Muster
The Gympie Muster Stage

Wildlife is plentiful in the camping area. Noisy miners, Bell Miners (Bellbirds) and Butcherbirds are common. We found that our every move was being closely observed by several Kookaburras. We also saw goannas, ducks and Evening Brown butterflys in the campground.

Kookaburras checking us out.
Lace Monitor (goanna).
Australian Wood Ducks, female (L) and male (R).

We walked around exploring the creeks where we enjoyed watching a gorgeous Azure Kingfisher darting in and out of the water for a feed.

Amamoor Creek
Azure Kingfisher

Cedar grove camping area was closed for maintenance when we were there but we are planning on going there for a shake down camping trip when we get our new Kimberley Karavan. The Cedar Grove Hiking Trail, a 4.6 km return, Class 4 walk starts and finishes in the campground. 

The Amama Day Use Area is a great spot to stop for a picnic on the way to the campgrounds. Here you can enjoy a pleasant short walk along Amamoor Creek and stop for a while at the Platypus Viewing Platform. 


  1. This looks like an interesting place. Great images of the birds and the Lace Monitor. Azure Kingfishers are rather elusive.
    Would you be willing to add a "followers" button to your blog so I can follow you that way? I find it easier to find blogs via my blog roll and it keeps my emails to a minimum. :)

    1. I have added a "followers" button in the top right. Let me know if it isn't the one you prefer.

  2. Can you swim at the creek at Amamoor Creek camping area?

  3. Can you swim at the creek at Amamoor Creek camping area?

  4. I haven't seen anyone swimming at Amamoor Creek Camping Area which may just be because I have been there in cold weather. There is a popular swimming hole at Cedar Grove Campground which is also in Amamoor State Forest and is on the way to Amamoor Creek Camping Area.