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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Glastonbury Creek Campground, Brooyar State Forest, QLD.

Glastonbury Creek Campground in Brooyar State Forest is about 21 km north-west of Gympie. Turn left into Petersen Road at Bells Bridge and follow the signs to the campground. The entrance road is unsealed with some light corrugations. National Park fees need to be payed online or by phone on 13 74 68 before arrival. The campground is an open grassy area with shade trees. There is a long drop toilet and fire rings and taps (non drinking water) are scattered throughout the grounds. Dogs are allowed but generators are prohibited.
Glastonbury Creek Campground
Previously, we stopped at Glastonbury Creek Campground in late October and the Black Bean and Silky Oak trees had started to flower which attracted large numbers of rainbow Lorikeets.

Glastonbury Creek is fenced off from the camp ground but there is an access point through the Day Use Area. However, on this weeks visit we found that the tables had been removed from the Day Use Area and both walks from the campground were closed due to logging operations. It might be a good idea to phone ahead if you are planning a visit in the near future.

Information Board at the entrance to Glastonbury Campground. The turn-style on the left is the starting point for one of the two walks from the campground.
The Day Use Area looking very empty without tables and BBQ's.
The walking trail from the Day Use Area
On our last visit we were just about to cross Glastonbury Creek when we decided to wait for this snake to glide by first.
Abseiling is a popular activity in Brooyar State Forest. Point Pure Lookout is a short drive from the campground. The access road to the lookout is only suitable for high clearance vans and trailers. There is a pleasant 300 m return walk to the lookout from the car park. 

Road to Point Pure Car Park
The walk to Point Pure Lookout
Point Pure Lookout
The sandstone abseiling cliffs at Point Pure
Anybody feel like an abseil?


  1. I have climbing friends who go out to here and rave about it. Nice spotting with the snake, looks like a Keelback perhaps? And that flowering vine is stunning!

    1. We have done some poking around the smaller cliffs on private land next to the campground. One of our boys got stuck in a chute there; don't think it scarred him for life. I think the snake probably is a Keelback enjoying a swim and hopefully eating the cane toad tadpoles.

  2. I'm going to enjoy reading your blog to learn about some places to travel to. Unfortunately we don't own any camping gear but.

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. A lot of the places we have covered could be day trips from Brisbane. We have a 4WD Kimberley Karavan arriving soon and then we will be going further afield.