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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Woowoonga National Park, QLD.

While staying at Biggenden in July, we drove to Woowoonga National Park for afternoon tea and a look around. 

Day Use Area at Woowoonga National Park

Summit Walk, 1.6 km return, Class 4, allow 3 hours.
We didn't have the time to climb to the summit of Mt Woowoonga but we did walk part of the way.

Trail head at Woowoonga National Park
Yellow-faced Honeyeater.

Birdlist: Australian Brush Turkey, Golden Whistler, Rufous Whistler, Grey Fantail, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Brown Quail.

Details for Woowoonga National Park
Where: 14 km north of Biggenden, 42 km south-west of Childers.
Access: The Day Use Area is reached via Giles Road and Mt Woowoonga Road. Good gravel roads for the last few kilometers.
Facilities: Picnic shelter, open fireplace, tank water, bin. Walk to the summit of Mt Woowoonga.
No camping.

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