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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Boat Mountain Conservation Park, South Burnett, QLD.

Boat Mountain rises 589 m above the surrounding farmland.
Although camping is not allowed at Boat Mountain it is well worth a visit. We camped at Goomeri Caravan and Bush Camp and drove there in our ute.

Car park and picnic area at Boat Mountain Conservation Park
Thousands of Caper White Butterflies rose in great clouds around us as we drove along the entrance road, Hebble Drive. We saw quite large numbers of Caper Whites over the next week but nothing compared to the thousands at Boat Mountain. On our walk we saw quite a few caper bushes in flower and this probably contributed to their vast numbers.
Caper White Butterfly, male and Caper Bush

Braithwaites Lookout, Daniels Lookout and Silburns Vine Scrub Walk, approx. 3 km.

Excerpt from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife information sign.
While it is only 250m to Braithwaites Lookout there are 179 steps!

Braithwaites Lookout
From Braithwaites Lookout to Daniels Lookout is a very pleasant, easy, flat walk along the top of Boat Mountain. 

Walking along the top of Boat Mountain.
Daniels Lookout is well worth the walk and offers great views over the surrounding countryside. Red, iron rich soil was exposed along the track.

Daniels Lookout, Boat Mountain.
View from Daniels Lookout. The Seven Sisters in the distance.
On our return walk we diverted to Silburns Vine Scrub before returning to the car park. We saw quite a few quail platelets along this part of the trail. As we are always on the lookout for Black-breasted Button-quail we got very excited when we saw a small round bird in the scrub, low to the ground. However, on closer inspection we realised that it was an immature Eastern Yellow Robin.

Eastern Yellow Robins.
Leaden Flycatchers serenaded our walk and one seemed as interested in us as we were in it.

Leaden Flycatcher, female.

Wildlife we saw in October:
We did catch a glimpse of one wallaby and heard some others but we didn't see enough detail to identify them.
There were huge numbers of Caper White Butterflies both on the entrance road and along the walk. We also saw a few Lesser Wanderer Butterflies.
Cane toads were evident in broad daylight.
Birds: We saw many quail platelets along the Vine Scrub Walk but no quails. Willie Wagtail, Eastern Yellow Robin, White-browed Scrubwren, Lewin, Galah, Rufous Fantail, Grey Fantail, Eastern Whipbird, Pheasant Coucal, Magpie Lark, Pied Currawong, Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Shining Bronze-cuckoo, Leaden Flycatcher, Striped Honeyeater, Pale-headed Rosella, Brown Thornbill.

Any form of trailer is prohibited on Hebbel Drive.
Details for Boat Mountain Conservation Park:
Where: 94 km west of Gympie or 58 km north of Kingaroy.
Access: the roads are all sealed however the entrance road, Hebbel Drive is very steep and is signposted as prohibited for towing any form of trailer or large vehicle.
Facilities: Parking area, picnic table, walks.
No Camping.

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