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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Kinbombi Falls, Queensland.

Kinbombi Falls 
While camping at Goomeri Caravan & Bush Camp we checked out Kinbombi Falls. The falls were down to a trickle due to the very dry conditions in the whole Goomeri area. 

There are lots of concrete steps to negotiate on the way to see the falls.

Steps down to view the Falls
From the falls we could see another lookout so we returned to the car park and made our way to that lookout. There were a few more steps to negotiate but our reward was a nice view over the gorge.

Steps to the second lookout

View of the gorge
There is a large flat area at Kinbombi Falls where free camping is allowed. For details see below.

Kinbombi Falls camping area

Datails for Kinbombi Falls Free Camp:
Where: Between Goomeri and Kilkivan, Queensland.
Access: About 5 km along Kinbombi Road; good gravel road.
Camping: Allowed. Suitable all rigs. Flat areas. We couldn't determine the time limit because the sign had been damaged.
Facilities: Picnic tables and bins. Flush toilets are down a flight of stairs. Pets allowed. We ran out of phone reception about halfway along Kinbombi Road.
Of Interest: Beautiful gorge. Waterfall and lookouts.
Caution: No disabled access to toilets. Several flights of stairs to see the waterfall. Very dry at the moment so the waterfall is just a trickle. Some water still in the gorge.


  1. looks like a great place to go when wet! I assume that due to the lack of rain there wasn't much wildlife around? if so, check the waterholes because I've recently noticed that's where most animals congregate in the dry.

    1. We only went for a quick visit on a very hot day and didn't observe any wildlife. I'm sure you are correct Ollie; waterholes are great places for wildlife.