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Friday, November 18, 2016

Mudlo National Park, Kilkivan, QLD

Approaching Mudlo National Park from Kilkivan.
While camping at the Goomeri Caravan and Bush Campground in October we visited Mudlo National Park, north of Kilkivan. The national park protects one of the few remaining native hoop pine vine forests in the local area.First,we drove past the Scrubby Creek Day Use Area and checked out the Mudlo Gap Picnic Area. On one side of the road there are picnic tables and the toilets are on the other side of the road.

Mudlo Gap Picnic Area.
Native Hoop Pines in Mudlo National Park.
Then we drove back to the Scrubby Creek Day Use Area where we saw three Eastern Whipbirds posing right out in the open and we were still too slow to get a photo. The walk from here to Pearson's Lookout is a 3 km return, Class 4 walk.

Scrubby Creek Day Use Area
The view from Pearson's Lookout
On the return walk we did the remaining side of the Scrubby Creek Circuit. The complete circuit is a Class 2, 1 km loop. We arrived back in time to see the national park rangers removing the fence from the picnic area.

Strangler Fig on the Scrubby Creek Circuit.

Wildlife for Mudlo National Park seen in October:

Butterflies: Blue Tiger, Glasswing, Caper White, Monarch.
Birds: Galah, Lewin, Eastern Whipbird, Wonga Pigeon, Spotted Pardalote, Spangled Drongo. We could hear Paradise Riflebird, Kookaburra and Pheasant Coucal. Sadly we saw Indian Mynas on the side of Mudlo Road as we drove in.

Details for Mudlo National Park:
Where: Mudlo Road, 8.5 km north of Kilkivan, 45 km north-west of Gympie.
Access: gravel road with some pot holes and corrugations.
Facilities: Walking trail. Scrubby Creek Day Use Area has two picnic tables and a car park. 1.4 km further along Mudlo Road the local council has provided Mudlo Gap Picnic Area with flush toilets on one side of the road and picnic tables and wood BBQ's on the other side.
No Camping.

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