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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jimbour Station, Jimbour QLD.

Jimbour Homestead
Truth be told, we hummed and hawed about visiting Jimbour Station. We love the great outdoors, bush walking and wildlife but our interest in history is more incidental than passionate. Fortunately, we decided to stop by on our way from Lake Broadwater Conservation Park to Bunya Mountains National Park, as we really enjoyed our visit.

Water Tower built in the 1870's.
There is a huge parking area suitable for all rig types which is perfect for travelers. Entry is $3 per person and this includes an excellent brochure for self-guided exploration of the grounds.

Chapel built in 1868.
Jacaranda Avenue, glorious even when not in flower.
Summer House seen from the shade of enormous fig trees.
We especially liked the Millicent Russel Kitchen Garden and so did a host of butterflies. Meadow Argus fluttered about, the lavender was alive with Cabbage Whites and the leek flower heads proved irresistible to hordes of Lesser Wanderers.

Millicent Russell Kitchen Garden.
Lesser Wanderer Danaus chrysippus on a leek flower.
We were impressed with the number of birds that we encountered on our stroll about the grounds: Red-rumped Parrots, Red-winged Parrots, Pale-headed Rosellas, Grey-headed Babblers, Crested Pigeons and Common Starlings.

Grey-crowned Babbler.
Even the back of Jimbour Homestead is stunning and the Blue Stone house impressed.

Deborah Russell Garden at the back of Jimbour Homestead.
Blue Stone building built in 1868.
There had been very dry weather prior to our visit but the grounds were quite green, perhaps due to the large water tower on the grounds. We didn't encounter anyone on our visit but special mention needs to be made of the gardeners as they clearly do a magnificent job.

Water tower overlooking the airfield.
Details for Jimbour Station:
Where: 238 km north-west of Brisbane. 30 km north of Dalby.
Access: Sealed roads suitable for all rigs. Huge parking area.
Open: 7 days a week during daylight hours.
Fees: $3 per person.
Walk: Easy, suitable for strollers. Allow a couple of hours to look around.
Contact:   07 4663 6108
Facilities: Modern toilet block in the back corner. You can picnic in the grounds but there are no tables. Brochures at the entry.
Camping: It appears that there may be camping allowed here during special events such as "Opera at Jimbour".

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