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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Mt Kiangarow Track and Barker Creek Circuit, Bunya Mountains National Park, QLD.

View from the summit of Mt Kiangarow.
Our favourite short walk at Bunya Mountains National Park is the Mt Kiangarow Track. At only 2.3 km return it is well worth doing at any time of day. It is also one of those special places that has great light at both sunrise and sunset.

Scarlet Honeyeater on the Mt Kiangarow Track
The Grass Trees were in flower.

Barker Creek Circuit: 10 km circuit from Dandabah Car Park and Picnic Area.
As we were camping At Burton's Well Campground we drove to Dandabah early in the morning and parked at the picnic area. There is always plenty of wildlife around the picnic area and it is a delightful place to spend some time. Facilities include tables, toilets, information boards and a cafe. The Bunya Bunya Circuit 500 m Class 3, the Scenic Circuit 4 km Class 3 and the Barker Creek Circuit 10 km Class 3, can all be accessed from the Dandabah car park.

Some Dandabah Picnic Area Wildlife:

Male and Female Australian King Parrot.
Guardian of the walking track entry.
This Superb Fairy-wren landed on the window ledge of our car.
Satin Bowerbird, male.

The walk takes a pleasant path through cool, lush rainforest with a bracken understory.

Barker Creek Circuit.
We walked in a clockwise direction to Paradise Falls. The falls were barely flowing due to the dry weather. It is also possible to do a much shorter walk to the falls from the Paradise car park on Bunya Mountains Road.

We saw a Bassian Thrush and Rufous Fantails beside the track. Topknot Pigeons were feeding high in the tree canopy.

Bassian Thrush
Rufous Fantail
Topknot Pigeon
A native King Orchid caught the sun in a dark patch of rainforest.

King Orchid
As we made our way along Barker Creek we kept our eye out for the huge tadpoles of the Great Barred-frog.

Great Barred-frog tadpole in Barker Creek.
Little Falls was also a shadow of its usual self due to the prolonged dry weather. 

Little Falls
We choose to extend the walk by going to Barker Creek Lookout via the informative Tree Identification Walk. The track emerges from the shade of the rainforest into the open and passes across balds. At Big Falls Lookout there were no falls to be seen.

Big Falls appears to have dried up.
While the lookout isn't particularly stunning the tree identification signage is excellent and made the extra walking worth while.

Barker Creek Lookout.
We returned to the main Barker Creek Circuit and continued on in a clockwise direction through a section of eucalypt forest before reentering the rainforest and returning to the Dandabah Picnic Area.

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