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Friday, March 4, 2016

Bellbird Campground Wildlife, Washpool National Park, Part 4.

We just loved  Bellbird Campground in Washpool National Park. It was a pleasure to just sit in our campsite and be visited by such wonderful wildlife.

This beautiful Blue-speckled Forest Skink (Murray's Skink) even made an appearance.

Blue-speckled Forest Skink, Eulamprus murrayi
Superb Lyrebird
Yellow-throated Scrubwren
Satin Bowerbird, male
Satin Bowerbird, female, eating from a clump of comfrey that was in our campsite.
We had to watch our dinner carefully when this Pied Currawong was about.
One evening we went for a walk around the campground and came across a feisty little Golden-crowned Snake. That made us think twice about wandering around in our thongs.

Golden-crowned Snake, Cacophis squamulosus
We saw a very confident Brush Tail Possum wandering through our campsite in the evenings. Every night there was a constant pitter-patter of dropped flowers on our roof as two animals were feeding in a tree canopy high above our van. We also spotted a small animal, a bit bigger than a guinea pig, with a grey upper body and lightly coloured underneath and roundish ears in the bushes next to our van. It moved like an Australian native but we don't know what it was.

These experiences are why we like to camp rather than day visit, where possible.

Information about Boundary Falls Campground and Washpool National Park are covered here in Part 1.

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