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Friday, March 18, 2016

Boggy Creek Walk, Whian Whian Conservation Area/Nightcap National Park, NSW.

Boggy Creek Walk is a 4 km return walk from Rummery Park Campground to Minyon Falls. The walk meanders beside beautiful Boggy Creek and swimming is allowed. 

There had been heavy rain around the time of our visit and one section of the walk was flowing like a boggy creek! 

There were majestic Brush Box, Turpentines and Blackbutts beside the track.

Brush Box Lophostemon confertus and Turpentine Syncarpia glomulifera

We saw a few Eastern Water Skinks and one Blue-speckled Forest Skink. The highlight of the walk was seeing a Rough-scaled Snake dashing across the path. Rough-scaled Snakes, also known as Clarence River Snakes, are listed as dangerous and their bite can be lethal but we always treat snakes with respect. We stood back and watched it proceed to the creek, no doubt, for a nice nighttime feed of frogs. The snake had quite a large tick attached but appeared to be in good health.  

Rough-scaled Snake Tropidechis carinatus
We came to Minyon Falls Road, just below the causeway, and saw a sign across the road for the Minyon Loop Walk, which is a hard, 7.5 km, walk that keen hikers could add to the Boggy Creek Walk but as we were intending to do Minyon Loop the next day we turned around and went back to Rummery Park Campground.

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