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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mulligans Hut. Gibraltar Range National Park, New South Wales, Part 2.

Mulligans Campground, or Mulligans Hut Campground as it is sometimes called, gets its name from some interesting history in the area.

Information sourced from a NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service sign near Mulligans Hut:
William Mulligan (1862-1953) was from a local grazing family. He was an engineer and he proposed an hydroelectric scheme for the area. The scheme was never developed but he and his partners built two concrete weirs to measure water flow and they can still be seen today.

Concrete Weir
Eastern Water Dragon at the weir.
William Mulligan built two slab walled huts here. In the 1960's a fire destroyed the smaller hut and damaged the other. The National Parks and Wildlife Service rebuilt the hut in 1968.

Mulligans Hut
Even if you are not camping at Mulligans Campground, Mulligans Hut is a nice place for a day visit. It is a scenic area with tables and fire rings at the waters edge. There are even two tables and a fireplace inside the hut.

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