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Friday, January 2, 2015

Dundowran, Hervey Bay, QLD

While staying in Hervey Bay we took the opportunity to check out a couple of places in nearby Dundowran.

Ted and Maud Mungomery Vine Forest Reserve.

The Vine Forest Reserve is less than 15 minutes from Hervey Bay. We parked at the end of Cissus Court, Dundowran at an entrance to the reserve. We walked north until we arrived at a secluded beach.

Dundowran Beach

About halfway along the return walk we took a trail to the west before retracing our steps. We didn't see a lot of birds on this visit but it was a steamy 36 degrees Celsius and the mosquitoes were ferocious. We did see some indications that the bird life here is very interesting. This reserve is reputed to be good for sightings of vulnerable Black-breasted Button-quail and on the central trail we saw a large number of platelets which indicated their presence. The area looked to us to be ideal for Noisy Pittas and there were several old and new snail shells lying in the leaf litter which seemed promising.

One of many snail shells

We also heard the raucous calls of a Channel-billed Cuckoo although we were unable to see it. The reserve is definitely worth a revisit next time we are up this way, preferably early in the morning.

Entrance to the Vine Forest Reserve

Arkarra Lagoons

Arkarra Lagoons, Dundowran

From the Vine Forest Reserve it is only a very short drive to Arkarra Lagoons and Wetland Reserve. The Arkarra Tea Gardens are next door but they were closed when we went there. We parked in Panorama Drive and walked the 840m Lagoons Circuit followed by the 600m Wetlands Circuit.

What's a lagoon without a few waterlilies?

Short-necked Turtle

Bar-shouldered Dove

Swamp Tiger Danaus affinis

Hairy Line-blue, female Erysichton lineata

I'm guessing that these are Magpie Geese hybrids

There were also lots of Magpie Geese about but we didn't get any great photos of them, which is a shame because they are such a stately looking bird.

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