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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Springbrook National Park, QLD. Part 2: Twin Falls.

Twin Falls, Springbrook National Park

Twin Falls Circuit: Class 3, 4 km.

This is one of our all-time favourite walks. Not only is the scenery superb the wildlife we have encountered is unique and unforgettable. Do bear in mind though that this is prime leech territory.

The starting point for walking the Twin Falls Circuit is a short drive from Settlement Campground in Springbrook National Park. There is parking at either the Tallanbana picnic area or the Canyon Lookout carpark. It is recommended that the walk be done anti-clockwise.

There is plenty of beautiful scenery to see on the trail to Twin Falls.

Like Purling Brook Falls, the trail leads you behind the falls at Twin Falls.

Twin Falls, Springbrook National Park.

We saw several Land Mullets: a type of very large heavy skink about 60 cm long. We also saw this small skink which was quite blue underneath (sorry the photo is a bit blurry). Thank you Benjamin Harms for letting us know that it is a Murray's Skink. 

Land Mullet Egernia major and a Murray's Skink Eulamprus murrayi

As we continued the circuit and climbed back up above the falls, we were lucky to see several Lamington Spiny Crayfish. As we were crossing a small creek we saw a flash of blue disappearing behind some rocks so we decided to stop and wait quietly to see if the crayfish would return. Our patience was rewarded with good views of several crayfish moving about the creek. We saw several colour variations from brown-blue, pale blue to bright blue.

Lamington Spiny Crayfish Euastacus sulcatus

Beautiful view towards the end of the walk.


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    1. Thank you Benjamin. We have improved our cameras since going to Springbrook so hopefully our photos will improve as we gain experience. Thanks for letting us know the name of the Murray's Skink we appreciate it.

  2. I'm learning a lot about wildlife identification on your site. Having moved to Australia 7 years ago we still feel we are on a very steep learning curve with the birds and other wildlife. We're having a great time with all the great opportunities for 'light hiking' around SE Queensland and occasionally now starting to stray further afield when we have the chance. Eventually we'll do the big lap and puddle around in the middle, can't wait!