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Friday, January 23, 2015

Springbrook National Park QLD, Part 4: Best of All Lookout, Wunburra Lookout and Apple Tree Park.

Here are a few other places that are worth taking a look at while visiting Springbrook National Park.

Best of All Lookout

While visiting the Twin Falls area of Springbrook National Park it is worth a short detour to the Best of All Lookout on the Queensland-New South Whales border. Drive slowly along the access road as there are large numbers of pademelons about. The track is a Class 2, 600 m return walk which passes through remnant Antarctic Beech Forest on the way to the lookout.

Arctic Beech Nothofagus moorei

From the lookout there are extensive views of the Gold Coast hinterland over the eroded northern rim of the extinct Tweed shield volcano and out to the ocean. Mount Warning and the twin peaks of Mount Cougal dominate the landscape.

Mount Warning

Mount Cougal

Wunburra Lookout

Wunburra Lookout is a few kilometers north of Springbrook and has views over Little Nerang Dam and across Purling Brook Gorge to the Gold Coast.

Little Nerang Dam
View to the Gold Coast from Wunburra Lookout

Apple Tree Park

Apple Tree Park is a lovely shaded park with good parking, BBQ's, picnic tables and toilets. It is an entry point for the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk; a serious 54 km walk which requires booking in advance and a topographic map of the area. If you are tempted to have a quick look at the Great Walk be aware that the track that heads west from the park descends steeply over about 250 m; which means returning to the carpark via approximately 900 steps! You might prefer to cross the road and walk partway along the section of the walk that heads south-east to Warringa. In this section of the walk we saw this old tree stump where you can still clearly see the holes where planks were inserted to support the forester as the tree was cut down. 


  1. Fantastic views! I walked to the summit of Mt Warning at the end of last year so I felt a twinge of familiarity and pride at your photo there :)

    1. Great achievement Christian! It can be hard to get a good look at Mount Warning while you are actually on it. The Best of All Lookout showcases the whole area.