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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, QLD.

Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge section of Springbrook National Park is 28 km from Settlement Campground in Springbrook via a very scenic drive through the Numinbah Valley. If you are looking for somewhere closer to stay, The Log Cabin Camp is a privately owned campground very close to Natural Bridge. We have not been there but we believe the fees are $10 per person per night. 

We arrived at the Natural Bridge carpark at 7.00 in the morning and there were no other people around. We saw several Logrunners, both male and female, Brown Cuckoo-Doves, and pademelons enjoying the quite before the arrival of more tourists. In the evening it can get busy here because people come to view glow worms in the cave beneath Natural Bridge. From the carpark, there is a pleasant 1 km circuit walk that meanders down to Natural Bridge and back around the top where the water flows into the rock cavity. In years gone by it was possible to walk along the creek and swim but now these activities are prohibited.

Natural Bridge, from below.

 Natural Bridge, from above.

There were eels in the water and we saw the biggest worm that we have ever seen on the path.


On our drive back through the Numinbah Valley we stopped several times to enjoy this beautiful area. Opposite The Natural Arch Cafe there is a surprising vista of dinosaurs in the hills. If you are interested in bridges you might like to stop and peer under the bridge over Cave Creek. The size of the timber used to construct the bridge is amazing.

Dinosaurs roaming around the Numinbah Valley.
Cave Creek

If you don't have time to fully explore Springbrook National Park it is still well worth a drive from the Gold Coast to see Natural Arch.

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